Amy Childs Says She Was Stressed With The cheating Rumours With Darren Gough

Amy Childs Says She Was Stressed With The Cheating Rumours With Darren Gough

Amy Childs has admitted that she has been really stressed over the cheating rumours that came out the other week about her and Darren Gough.

in an interview with OK! magazine the reality star admitted:

Me and Darren got on very well when we were in Austria – as we all did after doing The Jump for five weeks.

We were at the bar every night and swapped stories. We had such a laugh together, but that’s all it was.

‘I was really upset when that story came out. There’s someone who wants money for this rubbish.

‘All of a sudden, he’s left his partner for me.’

She went on in saying:

‘I feel like someone’s really got it in for me. I just couldn’t believe it, my mum had to stay with me because I was so stressed out. I turned my phone off for two days.’

‘We spoke when Anna came out to Austria. She was a lovely lady.’

‘He told us that they were married, divorced and then got back together. There didn’t seem to be problems.’

So much has gone in in Amy’s life the last few weeks.

We don’t know who to blame!

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