Lisa Maxwell Joins A String Of Loose Women To Leave The Show!

Lisa Maxwell Joins A String Of Loose Women To Leave The Show!

Over the last few months so many regular faces have left lunchtime chat show Loose Women.

But now The Bill actress Lisa Maxwell has announced that she will not be renewing her contract in July.

Lisa has been on the show since 2008 and now she has admitted that she will be leaving the show because she doesn’t like the now format.

Talking to The Sun the 50-year-old admitted:

‘We are the hired talent and do what we are told. But the one thing in all our powers is if we stay or go, and I’ve decided to go.

‘Loose Women is not the same show and it’s not as much fun as it was. It used to be about a group of women who all know each other really well and have lots of chemistry.’

She then went on to say:

‘It has become a lot more serious and less personal. I miss the laughs and I miss the show coming from the heart.

‘Now it’s just about giving political opinions. But I can’t do that and I think people watching can tell if you’re faking it.’

Maxwell has said that she wanted to leave the show last September but the producers sweet talked her into staying a little longer.

Over the last year regulars such as Carol McGiffinDenise Welch and Jane McDonald have left the show.

The show figures have fallen considerable over the last year or so from 2 million to as low as 700,000.

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