Tickets Go On Sale To See The Coronation Street For The First Time In 15 Years!

Coronation Street Get’s A New Home As Set Moves From Granada Studios To Salford Quays


Coronation Street fans will love this news.

The former set of Coronation Street will be open to the public for the first time in 15 years.

This comes after the cast started filming the soap in a new set in Media City in January and now the old sit is sitting there doing nothing.

The ticket prices are £15 and the tour is open from April 8th to October so all the Corrie and will have the chance to see the old set.

Ticket holder will get to see all the set including the Rovers Return, Norris’ sweet shop, the bed that Hayley Cropper died and lots more of the set.

Juliana Delaney, Chief Executive of Continuum Leading Attractions has said:

‘It’s very exciting to go live with tickets for Coronation Street The Tour. We have experienced a real buzz of excitement pre-opening and we are expecting the tickets to fly.

‘Continuum Leading Attractions is very privileged to be involved in a national treasure that brings so much pleasure to people. We will honour this by making it a memorable guest experience to be talked about for a long time to come.’

Kieran Roberts, Executive Producer, Coronation Street, has said:

‘After 53 years at the Quay Street studios, Coronation Street has now moved to our new home in MediaCity, but I’m thrilled that our old set is opening as a visitor attraction this year.

‘We’re very excited to be able to share with the public so many unforgettable stories and magical memories from over five decades of Coronation Street production.’

Will you be getting tickets to see the set??

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