Joey Essex To Become The Next Jay-Z??

Joey Essex To Become The Next Jay-Z??

When you think of Joey Essex him becoming a rapper doesn’t come to mind.

But now he has said that he want’s to become the next Jay-Z LOL.

The former The Only Way Is Essex star is currently gearing up to release a series of albums what he calls ‘Anthems’ and he may be making a ‘solo album’ too.

Mr Essex has also ruled out that he will not be sining he will be rapping.

Talking to The Sun newspaper he admitted:

I might be doing a deal. It’d take me a few years to do big shows.

“I’ve done things like that but not actually sung. I’ve got the confidence, but it’s just being able to sing.”

His record label will be Warner Music and they will monitor album sales before they decided to sign him full time.

We saw his rapping skills in the jungle because do you remember his little rap that he made?:

“Yo, yo, yo, yeah, my name is Joe, don’t live in Hackney, don’t live in Bow.”

By the sounds of things he won’t have much of a rapping career lol.

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