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Selena Gomez Want’s ‘Join Birthday Party’ With The Royal Baby!

Selena Gomez Want's 'Join Birthday Party' With The Royal Baby!

Selena Gomez was celebrating her birthday on Monday the same day that the royal baby was born.

The Come And Get It singer seemed really happy to share the day with the new born as she also said that she want to have a joint party lol.

Selena said:

“It’s surreal. We’ll have joint birthday parties or something!”

We think Gomez will just have to wait till she goes partying with the future king.

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Stealing Weed From Her Drug Dealer!

Amanda Bynes Accused Of Stealing Weed From Her Drug Dealer!

Amanda Bynes has yet again gone and got herself in more touble.

Amanda loves weed and now allegedly when her drug dealer was to the toilet she went though his pickets and stole loads of weed out of his jacket.

A source has said:

“Amanda’s dealer used her bathroom while he was there and she jacked his weed! He didn’t realize at first because he’s a deliveryweed service, but when he went in his bag he saw his stash was missing. She even replaced it with empty weed jars!”

This is the sort of thing Amanda would do so the source is most likely correct.


Lana Del Rey Slames Lady Gaga In New Single!

A Lana Del Rey single has leaked online but If you’re a fan of Lady Gaga then i wouldn’t listen.

In the song Rey slams Gaga and we have no clue why as we thought that they where friends.

Here’s the lyrics to the bit about Gaga:

“Stefani (Gaga’s real name), you suck, I know you’re selling twenty million, Wish they could have seen you when we booed you off in Williamsburg. You’re looking like a man, you’re talking like a baby.”

Gaga’s fans (Little Monsters) have spammed Lana with hate since the single was posted online and we think that there is a little bit of jealousy from Lana with all the hits that Gaga has had.

Check out the single above.

Kelly Osbourne Writs A Lovely Statement About Her Friend Amy Winhouse On The Second Anniversary of Her Death!

Kelly Osbourne Writs A Lovely Statement About Her Friend Amy Winhouse On The Second Anniversary of Her Death!

Yesterday was the second anniversary of singer Amy Winehouse‘s death and as you may know Kelly Osbourne was really good friends with Amy and now she has posted a touching statement on Instagram about the late singer.

This is what she had to say:

“I miss you my dear friend! Thank you for all the good times and the bad… you made me a better person! You may not be here in person but you live on forever in my heart! I love you Amy! Until we met again.”

Fans of Kelly have been showing her so much love as the photo above that she posted on her Instagram has had over 31,000 likes.

But Kelly wasn’t the only one to remember the singer as Lana Del Rey, said the following:

It’s been two years since the singers death! R.I.P Amy Winehouse

— Lana Del Rey Online (@LanaDReyOnline) July 23, 2013


Lady Gaga Get’s Her Septum Pierced!

lady gaga septum piercing

Lady Gaga is a fan of body modification as she has a few tattoos but now she has decided to got and get her septum pierced!

The singer posed for a photo with the piercer showing off her new nose ring as you can see above.

This piercing really hurts so she mush have been Gaga to get that done LOL.

Obama Sends His Congratulations To Kate Middleton And Prince William!

Obama Sends His Congratulations To Kate Middleton And Prince William!

With the world going mad over the Royal baby Barack Obama has decided to have his say about the little one.

In a statement Obama said:

“Michelle and I are so pleased to congratulate The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the joyous occasion of the birth of their first child. We wish them all the happiness and blessings parenthood brings. The child enters the world at a time of promise and opportunity for our two nations. Given the special relationship between us, the American people are pleased to join with the people of the United Kingdom as they celebrate the birth of the young prince.”


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