Ozzy Osbourne Thought Sharon Osbourne Was Planning To Murder Him When He Was On Drugs!

sharon and ozzy osbourn murder

It look’s like the story about Sharon and Ozzy Osborne‘s relationship troubles has gone and got a lot worse.

The rock singer has been so high on drugs and booze on the days leading up to their split that he thought his wife was plotting to murder him!!!

It’s gone and got so bad, Ozy even run out of the house saying “She’s trying to kill me!”

A source close to the family has said:

“She just wants out at this point. Ozzy seems to think he can win her back but Sharon isn’t so sure as she’s been living in a private hell. He kept accusing Sharon of trying to kill him. It was heartbreaking for her. He was living in an imaginary world for most of the time and seeing a lot of things that weren’t even there. On occasions, Sharon didn’t even know where he was for hours and sometimes even days. He was running around in the same clothes all the time, not washing.”

It seem’s like Sharon has gone and done the best thing by moving out and two miles down the road while Ozzy rocoveres from the drugs and booze.

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