Kelly Osbourne Shares Her Weight Loss Secrets

Kelly Osbourne Is NOT Very Happy That The Kate Middleton Naked Photos Where Published!

Kelly Osbourne has worked really hard to lose weight the last few months and it really has worked as she lost 70 POUNDS but how did she do it???

The Fashion Police star has said that she does cardio, weights, pilates, yoga and she uses a Hoopnotica hula hoop, which has recently taken two inches off her waist.

This is what Miss O had to say:

“I eat my fattiest meal in the A.M. If I’m craving pizza, I’ll have it for breakfast, salad for lunch and oatmeal for dinner.

I dress up for the gym. That way, when you see your reflection in the mirror, you’re like, ‘Oh, I look cute!’ not ‘Get me out of here!

I don’t compare myself to anybody else. It’s OK to have a healthy envy and look up to somebody and set goals, but you have to realize that you’re never going to be exactly that person. Wishing you were Angelina Jolie or J.Lo isn’t going to change the fact.”


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