Kendall Jenner Is Still Driving And Texting!!

Kendall Jenner Is Still Driving And Texting!!

One of the youngest in the Kardashian family Kendall Jenner need to learn NOT to text and drive at the same time!!

As like all the Kardashians are addicted to their phones and alwars on twitter so it seems like she just did not have the time to pull over to use her phone.

A story from a concerned driver has said:

“…the car was dangerously drifting towards my lane. When I glanced through my car window, I saw that Kendall Jenner was driving the other vehicle, but she wasn’t looking at the road, her eyes were fixed on her cell phone!

In fear she would crash into me, I sounded my horn… As I looked across once more, I could see she was still texting!

Again, she was swerving in her lane, from one side to the next, and she wasn’t paying attention to other drivers.”

It was only two months ago when another similar story came out about Kendall!

This girl needs to start learning.

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