Amanda Bynes Still Has Her Publicist And Instructor Wishes Her Well

on the red carpet of robots the movie

Aw we told you last week about t Amanda Bynes was dropped by all three of her reps — manager, agent and publicist. but now it’s been said she still has her Publicist!

Sources has corrected the reports saying that her Publicist had ditched her but they did say that they do not do a very good job.

Amanda’s manager Dave Feldman  did not leave Bynes she fired him!!:

“She wasn’t dropped. Amanda fired [manager] Dave Feldman two months ago. He wants to take her back on as a client because he’s genuinely concerned for her.”

Also now the spinning class instructor Maurice Rabsatt has wished Amanda well by saying on his Twitter:

Yes I’m the cycling instructor that kicked Amanda Bynes out my class Tues Night! Wishing her a healthy recovery for what she is going thru

For the record I had no idea who she was it was dark but I would say I did notice how beautiful she was when she initially walked in

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