Amanda Bynes Hasn’t Talked To Her Mum And Dad For Months!!


Cute-Amanda-Bynes-007 (Photo credit: Caliban 7)

More news has came out about Amanda Bynes and now it’s been said that she has not talked to her family for months.

Her parents have tried to get back with their daughter and even moved back to  El Lay to keep a beady eye on the trouble maker.

The Mum and Dad have been cut out by their daughter and she want nothing to do with them.

A source has said:

“Amanda’s parents had moved back to California long before she got arrested for her DUI. Her parents have been living in California for a significant amount of time before her legal problems began. Amanda hasn’t spoken to her parents in several months and she has been living like a recluse, which does have her parents extremely concerned. Amanda just cut them out of her life entirely, and she doesn’t return their phone calls or e-mails. There wasn’t a fight or any ongoing unresolved issues between Amanda and her parents, she just axed them out of her life for no reason.”

“The only way that Amanda’s parents find out what is going on with her is from the media. They love their daughter very, very much though and are just heartbroken and very concerned for her.”

All of her friends are concerned about her so the family is not the only ones.

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