The Abuse Warning Snickers Put On Chris Brown’s Album Make The Album Sell More!

HMV Label Chris Browns Fortune Album With Label Saying WARNING Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats women.

A we told you about the warning stickers that had been put on Chris Brown‘s album in HMV has mad the album sell more than normal!

One representative has said that they think putting the sticker on the album has made people buy the album in protest and put the cd back in the limelight.

The rep said:

“We were as surprised as anyone when the stickers appeared. Obviously someone must have snuck in to put them on a handful of CDs, and although they weren’t up very long before staff removed them, the person responsible managed to take a snap and send it out to media.

“I guess they got their point across pretty effectively – with widespread coverage around the world, though, by the same token, quite a few more people now know there’s a new Chris Brown album out.”

Well hopefully this can make him more happier as he is due back in court soon after what he did to Rihanna.

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