Lindsay Lohan Is Not Afraid Of Violating Probation

Speak (Lindsay Lohan album)

Speak (Lindsay Lohan album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lindsay Lohan was arrested  for allegedly hitting a guy with her car Wednesday morning, but Lindsay Lohan doesn’t think that anything will come from it or effect her probation.

Lhona is still saying she’s innocent and she thinks that her judge Stephanie Sautner will see her side.

Sources are now saying that:

“Lindsay believes that her arrest in New York City won’t cause any trouble for her even though she is still on probation in the necklace theft case. Lindsay doesn’t believe that Judge Stephanie Sautner would find that she had violated terms of her probation, because she maintains that she never hit the pedestrian. Lindsay is confident that she won’t suffer any legal consequences from her arrest. Lindsay says she would never leave the scene of an accident if she was aware she had hit someone and she is hopeful that this matter will be resolved quickly.”

Also more sources are saying that  Shawn Holley was called immediately:

“Shawn Holley was woken up very, very early this morning after Lindsay was arrested. Lindsay was able to speak with Shawn while she was being processed at the police station. Lindsay is no stranger to being arrested and she followed Shawn’s advice and didn’t talk to the cops.”


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