Justin Bieber Appears On The Jonathan Ross Show WATCH HERE!!

Justin Bieber Appears On The Jonathan Ross Show WATCH HERE!!

He might only be 18 but Justin Bieber is a world wide superstar and last night he appeard on the UK chat show The Jonathan Ross Show.

Justin talked about him dating Selena Gomez, Staring in 50 Shades Of Grey and music.

As Justin loves to play basketball he showed off some of his tricks to Johnathan Ross and not just sitting back watching Ross joined in too.

When they talked about relationships Jonathan asked the teenager:

‘Speaking of marriage, are you seeing anyone at the moment?’

Justin’s reply was:

‘What does that have to do with marriage?’

After teasing Justin with the marriage joke he said to Bieber:

‘I’m not saying you are getting married but are you seeing anyone? Or do you have to be guarded? Do you have to be careful because the fans don’t like to think you’re in a relationship? They like to think you are their Justin?’

Biebe’s replied:

‘At the end of the day I’m always going to be their Justin, regardless of who I’m dating. I like to make sure my fans are comfortable. I don’t like to talk about it too much, to throw it in their face or anything.’

Have a look at the interview below AND look at the photos below:

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