Kristen Stewart Talks For The First Time About The Affair!

Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7...

Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kristen Stewart has talked about her affair with  Snow Whitedirector Rupert Sanders for the first time!

Stewart’s was said to have been  struggling to forgive herself for what she has done to ex-boyfriend  Robert Pattinson.

When Kristen was talking about her next project she reviled:

“I would have been happy standing at Cannes with the entiretheater booing it as long as I was in that row with my cast and with Walter [Salles]. We would have been fine. I feel so strong with these people, and it’s so appropriate. I belonged there.”

“The great thing about On the Road is that it really can crack open your shell, and I definitely realized things about myself that I didn’t realize before. That I can let my face hang out and not be too aware of it, and stop questioning myself and not be afraid of strangers, and stop being judgmental.”

When asked about the pairs current relationship and weather Rob and Kristen will be getting back together she said:

“We’re going to be fine. We’re totally fine.”

They will never be “fine” again as she can not be trusted and will Rob forgiver her we do not think so!!

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