More News On Kim Kardashian And Beyoncé Feud HERE!!

Kim Kardashian And Beyoncé

As we told you yesterday about Kim kardashian And Beyoncé are NOT the best of friends at the moment as they where both in the same dressing room and they both totally ignored each other!

Now more news has came out about the pairs fall out as sources are saying that Beyoncé became livid whe she found out that Kim was using her time to get into to her documentary that is being filmed by Ron Howard about the Empire State of Mind rapper  Jay-Z.

Insiders have said:

“Kim was desperate for attention in the VIP area and was getting in the way of cameras that were supposed to be filming Jay-Z. She kept saying she was a huge fan of Ron Howard and would do anything to be cast in one of his films, so Kim was using this as an opportunity to impress the movie maverick. However, Beyonce wasn’t amused that Kim was using her husband’s documentary to audition for Ron. So, she took Kim to one side and told her that the day wasn’t about her, it was about Jay-Z, his work in organizing the event and there were other celebrities and musicians there that needed coverage too. Kim was fuming that the spotlight wasn’t on her – but Ron was there for Jay-Z, not her, and he really didn’t care if she was or wasn’t taking part in any of the filming. Step forward Jay-Z, as gracious as he is, to act as peacemaker. He said to Beyonce that she needs to play nice with Kim because he is pals with Kanye. But the damage was done. Later that night, Kim phoned her mom Kris to complain about the harsh treatment she thought she got at the festival. She just isn’t used to not getting what she wants.”

That’s so not good these two where the best of friends a few weeks back and now they are not talking!!

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