X Factor Accused Of ‘Short Changing Fans’ After Hours Of Filming Went on And Only Showed Eight Minutes Of Singing

The X Factor (Australia)

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its one of the most watched TV shows in the world right now but The X Factor has came under talks when X Factor bosses have been accused of ‘Short Changing Fans’.

On the show we only see around Eight Minutes Of Singing when hours and hours of filming is filmed for the show the rest of it is is talking.

Last year Simon Cowell described the series as ‘sub-standard,’:

‘There wasn’t enough raw talent. It won’t happen again. The ­selection process has to be better.’

Simon has also told newspapers that over the years the show has failed to impress the public:

‘He always wants the singers to be bigger and better than the previous year,’ a source told the newspaper.

‘But that’s simply not happening. It’s almost as if the well of talent has dried up.’

One of the shows judges Tulisa Contostavlos has said that the show is NOT all about the singing by saying:

,’ viewers will only see proper auditions from five contestants tonight with each of them singing for just over one minute

We must admit the show does need to show a bit more talent than it shows.

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