Katy Perry Has A Weird Encounter In L.A.!

PHOTO VIA: Photo Via: www.charlieraven.com

Katy Perry has had an weird encounter in L.A.!

Not only did she get dumped by  John Mayer by email this has now happened!

Katy was spotted apparently in a white, lacy ensemble walking over to a table of eight businessmen and proceeded to hover before walking out!

A Soho House visitor reveals:

“[Katy] looked timid and shy while standing there, like lingering to be introduced to everyone. She waited patiently to get introduced to some members of the group but most of them seemed otherwise distracted. She managed to meet three or four of them, while speaking in a character-like cutesy voice, but made an exit about five minutes after standing with the group.”

We still do not know who these men are but they might have had something to do with Katy’s record label or management!

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