Mariah Carey Not Happy About Nicki Minaj Joining American Idol!

Well we was so looking forward to seeing Nicki Minaj on American Idol but it looks like one person was not so happy!

And that one person is Mariah Carey as shes so pissed off about Nicki joining the show. Rumor has it that the most delicate of butterflies hung up the phone when informed that Nicki was thisclose to parking her enviable bottom right next to Mariah’s on AI!

Apparently, Mariah was informed she would be the show’s only leading lady, and whisperings also imply that Mariah is pissed that Mz. Nicki is a younger chicka (13 years younger… ain’t no thang!).

Awww ladies, LADIES! There is more than enough room for both of your bubbly personas! While Mariah is a musical legend and invokes an attractive nostalgia, Nicki is allllll the ragey rage right now and would be the perfect candidate to draw in the coveted youth demographic.

We really hope these two will get on and become great friends.


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