The Paparazzi Involved In Justin Bieber Car Chase Plans To Plead Not Guilty!

Justin Bieber Talks About Basketball Movie Updates

If you remember back to last month when a Pap  Paul Raef  got in to a little tiffel with Justin Bieber well now Paul has plead not guilty.

Raef’s four charges fell under California’s brand new “Paparazzi Law,” with him being the very first person ever charged…and he’s not too happy about it!

Now, the photog is planning on pleading NOT guilty in court, defending his actions by comparing them to that of a news reporter racing to the scene of a breaking story!

Um…we’re not quite sure this is the same thing, Paul!!

Raef and his lawyer are now saying that the new law strips the pap of his First Amendment right — freedom of the press!!

The new law, however, aims to prevent dangerous situations from occurring, by punishing those who create them for cash!

The pap’s lawyer has asked the judge to dismiss the charges and the judge still has yet to make a ruling.


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