Nicole Scherzinger Not Very Happy As She Has To Pay For Her Own Flight!!

Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is not having the best week of her life!

Simon Cowell booked the X Factor judge on a transatlantic flight in coach, the lovely Doll was forced to fork over her own savings to make the flight bearable.

An inside source revealed:

“Nicole was fuming… She always flies first-class but she was amazed to find that she had been booked into economy. The X Factor books all of her flights — but she hadn’t expected this. Nicole spent 20 minutes trying to get BA to upgrade her but in the end she had to put her hand in her pocket.”

Its been said that Nicki spent a wopping 5k on the upgrade.

Thats mad!!

People need to remember shes going thought a lot with boyfriend Lewis Hamilton as this week he was spotted kissing another girl!

Nicole was grateful to have a comfortable spot on the plane for her 10+ hour flight!

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