Disneyland Paris Characters Walk Out After Harassment Scandal


Disney is surpost to be magical and nice but by the looks of things is not that way!

Apparently management let an employee accused of harassment back in the park after they concluded the pile of evidence was smaller than Tinker Bell.

Unfortunately, the ones affected the most are the magic-believing little ones flocking to the park for their favorite characters.

Louise Scott, a mother-of-four, is just devastated for her chillins:

It’s worst for the very young children who aren’t that interested in the rides. They dream of meting their cartoon heroes, and want to be pictured with them, but there just aren’t any around.

But the workers maintain their stance, with one insider stating:

We are all hugely professional, but have every right to go on strike if we believe that someone who should not be here is working alongside us. We also object to low pay.

They really need to sort this out and make it stop.

We have also found out that Tokyo Disney totally supportssame-sex marriage!

That’s so good to know!!

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  1. disney land is such so babyish just like my 9 year old sister

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