So How Much Money Will Britney Spears & Demi Lovato Get For Doing The X Factor Then?


Britney Spears AND Demi Lovato are now full time judges on the US X Factor now but how much are they going to get for doing it.

Whit these two on the pannel we can just guess that the show will get more views as they both are really popular.

But how much did the gals sign for?? Well… according to businessinsiders, Demi is making a cool mil. And BritBrit?? Well… just multiply Demi’s seven-digit number by 15 and there ya go!!

But don’t think Demi is gonna pull any boo-hoo behavior just because she’s not making $15 mil like the princess! She’s realistic!! And she’s just super excited to do something new and different for once!

In fact, we hear she’s even twerked her tour to meet the schedulingdemands of the show!!

Wow that’s superstar powers!!

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