The Woman That Never Shaves Her Armpits You Should See Them!!!!!

The Woman That Never Shaves Her Armpits You Should See Them!!!!!

The Woman That Never Shaves Her Armpits You Should See Them!!!!! 2

The Woman That Never Shaves Her Armpits You Should See Them!!!!!

A lady called Emer O’Tool has not shaved her body in 18 months due to a servery but snow shes loving the body hair!

She was on ITV This Morning today along side salon owner Michelle Devine and the views of the show where asked to vote on who they agreed with and 80% of the vote went with  Michelle and only 20% went with Emer.

But while as a society we are used to removing all our body hair, one woman has decided to challenge the notion that women must be hair-free to be happy.

Graduate student Emer O’Toole from Dublin decided to stop shaving for good 18 months ago when she came to the conclusion that too much pressure is put upon women to conform to what she calls ‘artificial gender norms’.

She also admitted on the show taht she started shaving her body hair at the age of 14 as it was expected of her and she thort she might have got bullied when she was doing pe.

She said:

‘I started examining my own relationship with my body, and my body hair,’ she told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langford in this morning’s discussion.

‘Why did I feel I had to shave? I thought back to when I first started shaving. When I sprouted hair at 14, I didn’t think, “will I shave or not?”. I just knew I had to shave it off.’

She carried on in saying:

‘We have to challenge the bullying,’ she said.

‘Over the past 18 months, if I’ve felt awkward in a certain outfit that shows my hairy armpits, I’ve started to examine where my confidence comes from.

‘If it’s my looks, and my self-esteem is linked to that, then I’ve realised I need to find other sources for that confidence.

‘Your looks aren’t with you when you wake up in the morning if you have to put your make-up on first. And they don’t stay with you as you age.’

For Ms Devine’s part, she was impressed, but unswayed.

‘I wish I could bottle some of that confidence and sprinkle it on my daughters before they go to school,’ she said.

‘You are making a stand for us ladies,’ she added.

‘People whisper and talk about you, but you don’t mind – I’m impressed with your confidence’

The way that we see it its a personal option if you dont want to shave just dont worrie what people will think!
What do you think let us know your torts?

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  1. I think it makes her sexy! Not only her confidence but body hair is natural and natural is beautiful. It’s there for a reason, we evolved to have hair in our armpits and in our pubic areas. It’s not unsanitary, you just wash it like any other part of your body. Being natural doesn’t mean you don’t keep your body clean.

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