One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Is Said To Be ‘Devastated’ After Twitter Campaign To Get Him Back With First Girlfriend

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction- 03.01.2012

Louis Tomlinson of One Direction- 03.01.2012 (Photo credit: emilyjillian)

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is not very happy with some of the tweets that you have been tweeting him!

There has been an online

campaign, with fans telling him he should break up with Eleanor Calder, 19, and go back to Hannah Walker, a primary school  teaching assistant in his hometown of Doncaster.

Nearly 140,000 users are now following Miss Walker on Twitter.

The word ‘Louannah’ was trending on twitter and they where sending photo of the couple together to Hannas twitter.

A spokes person for Louis said:

‘It’s upsetting for Louis and Eleanor when Twitter campaigns like this start. I know some of the fans will think it’s a bit of fun, but it’s unnecessary when they are both very happy together.’

We really think people should leave them alone they have broke up now and he don’t want to keep being tweeted about getting back together!


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