‘There What Made Me Famous’ Jodie Marsh Gives Up The Army Belts ‘Top’!

jadie marsh in strap bra

Jodie Marsh showing off the old infamous army belts 'top' that she use to wear out!

Now we see Jodie Marsh in tracksuit and working out at the guy and with personal trainers but it was very diffident 9 years ago.

As jodie has grown up she has posted photos of what she use to go out like on Twitter in really nothing but a little skirt and belts on her boobs.

Announcing plans to auction off the belts for charity, the 33-year-old admitted she wouldn’t dare leave the house in them nowadays.

jodie marsh in belts and knickers

The 33-year-old admits that shes not as confidant as she was by tweeting 'I wouldn't go out wearing them now'

She said on Twitter that if she got over  200,000 Twitter followers she would dig out the old army belts for the last time.


‘Who wants an army belt picture then? Hehe. I promised I’d do a new one when I reached 200k followers 🙂 I’ll go take one now then do cardio.’

She carried on Tweeting:

‘Aaaaarmy belts. The one & only!! Which hat do you prefer? This hat…

‘Or this hat? Aaaaarmy belts. The thing that made me famous 🙂 hehe x x.

‘Just to clarify. Those are the original army belts I wore 10 years ago. I’m auctioning them for charity very soon. Hope they go to good home.’

jodie marsh in belts and giving the money to charity.

She has said to uction off the belts and give the money to charity.

After tweeting the photo above she tweeted:

‘haha I wouldn’t go out wearing them now!! Only in my own home for twitter. Haha 🙂 x x x.’

Then after the photos where taken she tweeted another photo of her in a tracksuit for some cardio workouts.
jodie marsh topless in belts

Change in a comfortable tracksuit to start her cardio workout.

It shows how much she has changed over the years. In the army belt years she dint have Tattoos but now she has a sleeve full and a few more on her body and she was also a 32DD cleavage .

But now shes a 32GG and shes looking amazing nowadays much better then the belt days keep it up Jodie.

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