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Snooki Does Not Wear Her Ring Until She Sees The Paps!

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi attending a ...

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi attending a party in Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snooki was spotted going to the pet shop with her dog and spotted with out the ring on her finger but when she saw the Paps she was shour to get the ring on quick!!
We wonder what her ma will think about that one??

But one thing we have to say is that Snooki and JWoww look great together and cant wait to see the baby :D.

Katy Perry Swears That Part Of Me Isn’t About Russell Brand!

Katy Perry - MMVA Soundcheck

Katy Perry – MMVA Soundcheck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Katy Perry has sworn that her new song part of me is not about Russel Brand!!

She said:

“I wrote it two years ago, which is funny because everybody is like ‘God, it sounds so current.’ Some people that I work with were like, ‘You should just say you wrote it a couple of weeks ago.’ I’m like, ‘I’m not a d—, I’m going to tell the truth.’ I wrote it two years ago when I was writing and recording Teenage Dream, [but] it didn’t feel right on the record.

“Sometimes I’m like, ‘Am I living in The Truman Show?’ … What’s going on?’ It just feels like sometimes I’m caught in this movie where my life is paralleling my music! It seems very serendipitous, but, as un-fun as it sounds, I prepare everything. I’m overly prepared and kind of a control freak in the best of ways.”

We belever her abit but why has she relesed this song now i heard it about a year ago??

Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Spend The Weekend At The Big Apple


The coupple have been taking some some time away from promoting their new film called Wanderlust co-stars and co-lovers Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in the big apple.

The spent their time in Manhattan

Justin was spotted generously picking up the check. What a gentleman!

A source who saw the couple added:

“Tons of people were noticing her. She looked really good, and kept putting on chapstick throughout the meal.”

They spent the rest of their afternoon getting in some retail therapy where they shopped at Alexander Wang‘s shop and the Silver Linings Opticians in Soho.

They it was time for dinner so they went to Robert DeNiro‘s Tribeca eatery Locanda Verde for their tea and they looked very cosy together all snuggled up while dining.

Hope they had a good weekend!!

David Guetta Is Not Dead

David Guetta

Image Via: Wikipedia

We can confirm that David Guetta Is Not Dead!!!!

This is the second time in the last year this has happend. A fake fake David Guetta death story keeps on coming up saying that the DJ is dead we dont know why it keeps on coming up but its not true!!

This weekend started with a fake death story about Madonna, moved from music to golf, and is now striking Guetta. While the cause of the latest fake death claim is unknown, the activity commenced shortly before noon on the West Coast this Sunday. Fans are more confused than irate. But the latest tale is the same used to kill off Guetta in July and then October last year.

The fake death report may stem from an fabricated tale authored by Global Associated. In it, Global falsely claimedthat Guetta died on Route 80. The fake report even includes a funeral notice. “Memorial services for David Guetta have not yet been announced. The service is expected to be a closed casket funeraldue to the severe head trauma.”


Kris Humphries Thinks All The Wedding Guests Should Get Their Damn Gifts Back!

TV Personality Kim Kardashian at the Style You...

TV Personality Kim Kardashian at the Style Your Slim fashion show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kris Humphries has said that he think Kim Kardashian has NO RIGHT to keep the gifts from their wedding!!
He also sadi every single gift should go back to the guests.

 Kris gives Kim props for cutting a check for twice the value of the gifts and giving it to charity … but he feels Kim should have made the contribution IN ADDITION to returning the gifts.

Sources have said that:

Kris is adamant that gifts from a fraudulent wedding should be returned.

Kris has told his friends that  he feels the guests were duped into spending their hard-earned cash on wedding gifts … claiming Kim never intended to give their marriage a real chance.

We really think the girts should go back the the people too.

The Big People Say Lindasy Lohan did a great job on Saturday Night Live

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fash...

Lindsay Lohan at Calvin Klein Spring 2007 Fashion Show Afterparty. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the big people in charge they say that Lindasy Lohan did a great job on Saturday Night Live on Saturday!!

But them people dont care what the critics said cos all they think is she did great and thats all goes with it.

A source said the following about LiLo’s hosting buzz:

She got slammed on Twitter and Facebook and all over social media. But the people who actually can give her jobs — at least the ones I talked to — said she did a fine job and had several truly funny moments.

While movie execs are putting the pieces in place to nab Lindsay up for her comeback, a close friend to LiLo said the proof of her return will be in the Elizabeth Taylor pudding, stating the following:

[It] will come from how she does with that Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime film and other projects that are said to be in the works. Lindsay is a talented actress and as long as she stays sober, she’ll be great.

Dina and Michael Lohan also caused a stir backstage they where was running all around, gushing over her daughter’s performance though she complained about Linds’ cue card “placement.”

and it was said that Michael tried to call his daughter but her team wasn’t having it, blocking the call from her.

Hope the new job goes down good for Lindasy!!

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