Roseanne Defends Lindsay Lohan On Twitter


On Friday, Roseanne took to Twitter to stick up for  Lindsay Lohan and all what has been going on about her.

She said:

“Lindsey Lohan must defy her bloodthirsty woman hating critics and live a happy life! #fightbacklikethatlindsey”

But as soon as she posted her thoughts, the fire in LiLo-hatin’ tweeters went ablaze!!

When one user pointed out that Linds is “substantially more privileged than other young trainwrecks,” and asked where THEIR shout-outs were, Roseanne told her to “STFU!”

And then another opinionated tweeter came forward to say LiLo just needs to sober up and live in the real world, but Roseanne replied:

“She lives in a world you could never imagine nor would you want to. #jackals”

We wonder when she will be getting the support banners out LOL.

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